Media vs education

Media vs education

We invite you to participate in the 10th Educational Conference

Media vs. education

Human as a mediacreator

The conference has been organized in Poznań since 1997 by the Department of Technology of Education, the Faculty of Educational Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Polish Association of Educational Technology and Media and, for several years, in cooperation with the University of Rzeszów. Our symposiums provide an agora for reflection on media education – developing the skills of conscious, critical, responsible and selective use of media, as well as creating and broadcasting media messages.

When and where?
Date: 17-18.09.2018
Place: Faculty of Educational Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Szamarzewskiego St. 89, Collegium F. Znanieckiego (bldg. E)

Topic of the Conference:
“Media vs. education. Human as a mediacreator”

We would like to focus on the role of the human immersed in the world of media. Are they creators of the media reality, its consumers or merely a puppet, controlled by media? Does the need of creating the media reality evolve during our lives? Who the people, faced with artificial intelligence, would become? What kind of education they expect? And finally – how creating the media messages impacts the learning?

Looking for answers to these and other questions, we expect that discussion would focus on following areas:

• Human as a creator of media reality
• Teenagers in the online community (building the online identity, creativity, reacting to cyber threats)
• The educational value of information in the era of fake news and pseudoscience
• IT education (coding for kids, robotics for children, IT competences of adolescents)
• The role of media in supporting contemporary educational institutions and systems: teaching, administration, ergonomics
• Learning in or outside the classroom – educational role of media, cyberspace as an educational area, cyborgization and artificial intelligence in education, education in cyber parks, big data in education)
• Social roles of new media (supportive and accompanying)
• Promotion and coaching
• Methodology of research on media education.

The program of Conference also includes:
• A poster session
• Sightseeing the City of Poznań (traveling by tourist tram with a guide, visiting museum ICHOT Brama Poznania as an example of using multimedia in the interpretation of heritage),
• general assembly of the Polish Association of Educational Technology and Media
• banquet.